Woodside's Information Pages
Woodside's Information Pages
The Woodside Scrapbook
Over 4500 pictures from Woodside's history, dating back to our first dance out in 1958. Use scrapbook 'bookmarks' to browse events across the years.
1981 Fair: The Pump House Open Day, The Pump House, Watford. Click the image to see it in the Scrapbook.
Occasionally Woodside will induldge in a few traditional songs following the dancing. You can check out the lyrics to our most commonly sung songs, or download a PDF copy of our Songbook from our sing-a-long web-pages.
Woodside Morris Men
First danced in 1957
Squire: Dave Lang
Foreman: Dave Pearse
Bagman: Nick Wilson
Master of Music: Pete Flannagan
Practice: September to April at the Colne River Rooms, The Pump House, Watford, WD17 2JP