Every April, the English call out for greater celebration of St George’s feast day, using Irish St Patrick’s Day celebrations as an example of how we lost our sense of national identity. Yet in England, St George’s Day has only ever been a Christian vigil for a saint who possibly never set foot in this country.
The tendency then, is to overlook a festival that takes place just seven days later, which is a far more ancient celebration, and, in the way that the English celebrate it – all be it on the first Monday of the month, rather than the first day itself – it has become the quintessential celebration of our nation.
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Boxing Day on the Green
12.30pm, The Cricketers, Sarratt, WD3 6AS
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Squire: Dave Pearse
Foreman: Dave Lang
Bagman: Nick Wilson
Lead Musician: Pete Flanagan
During Winter, we meet at 8.00pm on Wednesday nights in the Pump House's Colne River Rooms, Watford. You would be most welcome to come along.
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